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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Volume 64, Issue 48 Rota-Scribe: Bill Schenk

Bob's Last Meeting (at Last!!!!)

For the last time during his legal tenure Prez Bob called the meeting to order and asked Bob Hathaway to lead the club in the pledge of allegiance. Don Ludwig finally found the right key as Leroy Fulton, Randy McFarland and Prez Bob led the singing.  Ray Hansen read a few inspirational thoughts before saying grace.

Allyn Lean introduced visitors that included long time Fullerton School District employee Billy Holt (Mc Cune), Fullerton Police Captain Geoff Spalding who supposedly had custody of Mike Oates who was un-accounted for at the meeting), and Alexa Levine (dad Art).

Prez Bob took a few minutes and gloated over the many fetes attained by the Fullerton Rotary Club under his leadership, and emphasized how it could never have happened without him.  Of course this was met by cheers and tears by the assembled members who raised Bob to their shoulders and paraded him around the room.  Bill Kincaid commented that it was the first time he’d ever seen that happen.

Other announcements included J. Ritchey who reminds us that July 24th will be a Fullerton Rotary day at the new Fullerton Flyers game at Goodwin Field.

Leroy Fulton announced the annual “Celebrate Hope” event for Hope International University, featuring Keynote Speaker Colonel Oliver North, to be held on October 7, 2005.

Randy Mc Farland and Bill Mathy announced to due to popular demand more tickets are available for the fantastic “Demotion Night” festivities, but to PLEASE RSVP to Bill Mathy via e-mail (or a quick call to his office) for tickets.


Finemaster Dick Daybell recognized proud papa Art Levine on the marriage of his eldest daughter Jennifer recently.

Prez Bob was recognized for his many accomplishments this past year including Coaching and winning a NCAA Women’s Basketball game, being evicted by the Elks club, catching “unbelievable” trout, and of course his various acrobatic abilities.

Recognitions: (continued)

Bill Klinghoffer, Mike Oates, Howard Wood and Bill Mathy, were recognized for spousal birthdays. 

Lee Brockett was recognized for he and Marion’s 37th anniversary.

Frank Kawase was recognized for he and Joan’s 39-year anniversary.

And Dale Schumacher celebrate their 62 anniversary next week.

Wally Bartelt won and lost the raffle but was awarded ten bucks courtesy of Ed Little.


Boys & Girls Club Director Fred Johnson Play's His Favorite Tunes

The Program today featured Fullerton Rotary Member Fred Johnson and his extensive record collection.  Fred has collected between 40 to 50 thousand vinyl records and sampled some of the novelty songs he brought along that included Abbot and Costello,  Cleve Herman, Danny Kay, Vin Scully’s broadcast of Sandy Koufax’ 1965 no hitter, The Purple People eater song and many more.  Everybody  (with the exception of Art Levine’s 10th Grade daughter Alexis) knew all the words and sang along.

Upcoming Programs:
June 29: Demotion Night at Sheraton 4 Points
July 6: Operation Thin Mint - Jodee Catlin Jacob
July 13: FCLO Preview: "Once on This Island"